As with most things these days, it’s hard to know if you’re getting good value for your hard earned dollar. While you might assume that cost would be a big factor in the quality of a running shoe, apparently it’s not. According to a Danish website called which ranks running shoes based on independent reviews from runners, expensive running shoes are no better and often worse than cheaper ones.

According to the website's founder Jens Jacob Anderson you can find affordable mid-range shoes that will serve you just as well as a higher priced shoe.

As a Seattle podiatrist I'm often asked by my patients about the best running shoes. I'm grateful for this new information to add to the advice I already give to my patients who run. Although I often recommend New Balance or Brooks, there are many other brands that will provide the support you give you the performance you need and the support to help prevent injuries.

One thing to understand is that shoe companies create a variety of shoes meant for different purposes be it running, walking, soccer, or some other sport. They also create different running shoes for different types of feet. Although you can certainly do your research online, it's still best to go to a shoe store like Super Jock 'N Jill with well trained staff that has deep knowledge of their products.

Plan to do the following when you shop for running shoes:

  • provide your foot type information to the salesperson (ask your podiatrist)
  • bring your orthotics with you
  • bring your old running shoes so the salesperson can look at your wear patterns
  • let the salesperson know how many miles a week you run
  • shop late in the afternoon - feet tend to swell later in the day
  • get your feet measured each time you purchase new shoes. As we age our feet tend to get larger. Also make sure both of your feet are measured so that your larger foot is accommodated.
  • check shoes for stability - watch this video and learn how

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