woman running in fallAs a seasoned runner you may wonder whether it's a good idea to continue participating in the sport you love if you have bunions. Although you'd like to keep running to stay healthy and fit you wonder if it's making your bunions worse.

Fortunately there are five things you can do to ease the pain and slow down the progression of bunions if you're a runner.


Tight shoes often cause bunions to form if you're already predisposed to having them. It's important to shop at a shoe store that specializes in fitting runners.  Check out my previous blog "How to Buy the Best Running Shoes" to ensure that you're getting proper support. You may need to purchase a wider shoe to accommodate your bunions.

Altering Your Shoes

Although I don't typically recommend it, you can mark an X on your shoes where your bunions push out and make an incision to ease the pressure and pain.


Splints for nighttime wear can help the toes and joints align properly. This is most often recommended for adolescents runners with bunions because their bone development may still be adaptable.


If you're a runner with moderate bunion pain, your best chance of lessening the pain are by wearing custom orthotics. Orthotics will prevent you from pronating when you run, will improve your foot mechanics, and take the pressure off your bunions. They will also help slow bunion progression.

Our office has been fitting patients with custom orthotics for bunion pain for over 40 years. Make an appointment today to help ease your bunion pain.


Surgery is often a last resort for patients who have painful bunions. When the pain gets so severe that even walking is problematic, bunion surgery is usually be the best way to resolve it.

Call us today at 206-368-7000 for an appointment. Often same day for emergencies and less than 2 weeks for chronic foot pain. You can also request an appointment online.

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