how to prevent blistersAre you sick and tired of dealing with pesky blisters every time you pound the pavement? We've just learned about one low cost hack that can make a whole heap of difference when it comes to preventing blisters in runners and hikers alike. I also have four other hacks that will help keep blisters from forming.

An emergency medicine physician at Stanford Health Care conducted research that showed a simple piece of low-cost surgical tape can make all the difference. One Hundred and twenty-eight (128) ultra-marathoners who participated in RacingThePlanet--a 155-mile race held in four deserts--were the study subjects.

Runners were asked to point out the areas of one foot that were most blister-prone. These areas were taped. If that foot was not blister-prone a randomly selected area was taped.

The results were apparent.  The study showed that 98 of the 128 runners had no blisters where they were taped. Where they were not taped, 81 of the 128 runners got blisters.

Other Hacks to Prevent Blister Formation

  • Buy running shoes or hiking boots that fit. As adults our feet tend to get larger as we age. Get your feet measured the next time you buy new pair. Also, there should be at least one thumb's width between the tip of the big toe and the end of the shoe. For more tips about buying running shoes, check out my recent blog.

  • Use foot powder or creams to reduce the friction between your feet and your shoes.

  • Purchase socks that wick away moisture and reduce friction.

  • Let your shoes dry out. When running or exercising our shoes absorb sweat. Don't wear the same pair of shoes everyday.

Preventing and Treating Blisters in Hikers

Check out my blog and video on preventing and treating blisters when hiking.

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