When we talk about top of the foot pain, this can mean a lot of things. Does it involve your toes, behind the toes, middle of the foot, or the ankle? We also want to know what structure are involved--such as your tendons, muscles, your circulation, or your foot mechanics. 

It's pretty easy to figure this out because for many of you, the problem comes on gradually. And if it's a gradual onset or chronic problem, we start to look for things like tendonitis and  toes that claw. People with high arches often develop pain across the middle of the foot. That's the peak of the bridge. A lot of stress develops there, and that problem is common, and not just as you age.

Then finally, we move up toward the ankle. Here, we get into chronic problems that occur with our athletes. So if you've developed pain at the top of your foot, come in and let's start to look for the more common causes of these problems and help you resolve them as quickly as possible.

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Dr. Rion Berg
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