Where Does Foot Arthritis Occur?

I am going to talk to you today about arthritis in your foot. Many people are plagued with arthritis all over. My job is to treat joint pain, foot pain and arthritis that can attack the foot. One of the most common areas it attacks is right in the middle of the foot. Where the bones of the fore foot called the metatarsals, join the midfoot called the tarsals, there's a lot of force as we walk and over time, over the years of time, this can become very stressed.

Some of us are more prone to arthritis than others, but once it starts, it can be very difficult to maintain the level activity that you'd like to do.

Treatment for Foot Arthritis

What do we do about arthritis in the foot? In severe cases surgery can be performed and the joints are fused. Before that, we'd like to try to prevent that from happening and keep you at your level of activity. What's available?

Traditional methods of physical therapy, of course, been around for a long time. Supporting the foot with orthotics can help. But if these things are already in place and you've got intense discomfort in the middle of your foot, you might want to consider newer therapies.

MLS Laser Therapy to Treat Foot Arthritis

One of them is called MLS Laser Therapy. The system uses two forms of laser in two different wavelengths to help reduce pain and inflammation/arthritis. One wavelength is specifically geared towards reducing pain and the other one toward inflammation.

With the MLS Laser Therapy, the laser light penetrates the tissues and at the cellular level produces a change that results in increased circulation and decreased cells that produce pain. It also decreases inflammation at the same time. The combination of those three works very well to achieve positive results in just a few visits.

Are There Any Side Effects With MLS Laser Therapy?

There is no downside to the MLS Laser Therapy. There are no risks and complications associated with it. Treatments are short and in six to eight visits you should see results of decreased discomfort in your foot.

How Long Will Treatment With MLS Laser Help My Arthritis Pain?

How long will this benefit last if it's achieved? Well, that's variable because it is not saying that we're going to eliminate all arthritis with lasers. That would be wonderful, and might be the subject of stem cell therapy and other therapies down the line, but at least we can reduce your inflammation and pain and hopefully get you back on your feet without undergoing surgical intervention.

If you're suffering from pain in your foot that's discovered to be arthritic degeneration of the joints, you may well want to consider coming in for an evaluation to see if MLS Laser Therapy can work for you.

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