Previously, we've talked to you about plantar warts or warts you find on your feet. If you watched our video about warts, you know that they're caused by a virus. The virus is in the skin. It's not found throughout your system but are localized in the area where the warts are found. Plantar warts are contagious and should be treated.

Past Treatments for Plantar Warts

In the past, the methods for treating plantar warts have included freezing, burning, electrical treatment, and lasers. All of these methods attempt to destroy the wart and cause a lot of inflammation. In particular, chemicals cause very strong inflammation Over the counter treatments don't tend to work, because they’re not strong enough. While the stronger treatments work better, they can cause pain. You’ll also need multiple treatments. With these older methods the success rate is not where we would like it to be.

Swift Microwave Treatment for Plantar Warts

What's new when it comes to treating warts? Swift Immune Therapy! Swift uses microwave energy to eliminate warts. It's applied to the wart, and there is a little bit of heat. The treatment is very brief. Two seconds of treatment, five times to each wart, produces 85% success, resolution, elimination of the wart. It takes a maximum of 3 office visits to get rid of your warts. Each treatment is done one month apart.

While there's a little discomfort during the treatment, there's no discomfort afterwards. And most importantly, there's no destruction of the wart. So how does it work? Previously we've talked about treating warts in a destructive way, but in this way, the virus that's hidden from your body's own immune system is revealed.

The microwave changes the environment, so your body recognizes the virus and it does the work for you. In one to three treatments, we can help you eliminate warts much more painlessly. Also, you’ll experience no pain when you leave the office.

While other methods of treatment have a recurrence rate of up to 20%, with Swift there is less than 1% chance of it coming back. Swift is also much better at eliminating the wart in the first place—with an 85% success rate. Older methods have a poor success rate—only 30-40%. If you have plantar warts, come in today. Let's get rid of it Swiftly.

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