Plantar fasciitis plagues so many of our patients.

How We Evaluate Plantar Fasciitis

In evaluating plantar fasciitis, the key components are inflammation, poor foot mechanics, and tightness of the calf. With the addition of MLS laser therapy, we're now, for the first time, able to utilize a painless method of quickly reducing that inflammatory process itself.

How MLS Laser Works to Treat Plantar Fasciitis

The MLS laser is unique in that it synchronizes two different beams of laser. One aimed at your pain receptors, and the second one is aimed at reducing the inflammation itself and allowing healing of the tissues. This is essential in order to be able to get you back to the activity level that you want as fast as possible. In just a few short treatments with this totally non-invasive approach to treatment we can get your inflammation down and get your activity level up.

So if you've been plagued with plantar fasciitis, come in now so we can assess whether MLS laser will benefit you.

Learn more about how we treat plantar fasciitis here!

Dr. Rion Berg
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