I'd like to talk to you about some commonly inherited foot conditions.

First of all, many of the things that you think of such as a bunion or an ingrown toenail aren't inherited directly, but the foot types that lead to them are. So what kinds of problems come with what kinds of foot types?

Types of Foot Conditions Caused by Flat Feet

Well, let's take one of the most problematic ones, flat feet. So when your feet are flat and the arches roll in, pronate too much, this causes a weakened foot and leaves the foot prone, no pun intended, to developing bunions. As the foot collapses and the big toe goes over, the lesser toes curl up and they form hammertoes. It's also a very weak foot and so one of the most common conditions we see, plantar fasciitis or that arch heel pain condition definitely comes with feet that overpronate.

Types of Foot Conditions Caused by High Arches

So what about higher arched feet? I always thought since I have a flat foot that if I only had a high arch, I'd be all set. Well, let me tell you, it has a host of problems as well. A flat foot is very flexible and easily collapses. The high arch in general tends to be rigid and unforgiving and this means force hits the heel and the ball of the foot and not much in the middle.

Once again, you can develop plantar fasciitis but you can also develop pain across the ball of the foot. These two conditions can plague the high arched foot and unlike the flat foot that needs more rigid support, the high arched foot needs a lot of increased shock absorption.

So if you're plagued with any of these problems such as everything from ingrown toenails to bunions, hammertoes, you may need an evaluation. Come on in and let's see which foot type you have and design a program, get you back on your feet quickly.

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