PADnet Survey

Do I need a Test for PAD?
Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) is a serious circulatory problem in which the blood vessels that carry blood to your arms, legs, brain, or kidneys, become narrowed or clogged. It affects over 8 million Americans, most over the age of 50. It may result in leg discomfort with walking, poor healing of leg sores/ulcers, difficult to control blood pressure or symptoms of stroke. People with PAD are significantly increased risk for stroke and heart attack.

  • Do you have foot, calf, buttock, hip or thigh discomfort (aching, fatigue, tingling, a cramping or pain) when you walk which is relieved by rest?
  • Do you experience any pain at rest in your lower leg(s) or feet?
  • Do you experience foot or toe pain that often disturbs your sleep?
  • Are your toes or feet pale, discolored or bluish?
  • Do you have skin wounds or ulcers on your feet or toes that are slow to heal (8-12 weeks)?
  • Has your doctor ever told you that you have diminished or absent pedal (foot) pulses?
  • Have you suffered a sever injury to the leg(s) or feet?
  • Do you have an infection of the leg(s) or feet that may be gangrenous (black skin tissue)?