tolcylen for thick fungal toenail treatmentIn the past, I had very little to offer my patients with very thick fungal toenails. While our comprehensive laser treatment works very well for fungal toenails, it has not been very effective for treating really bad cases of fungal toenails. Many of my senior patients with and without diabetes fall into that category. 

Now we have a new treatment available that works incredibly well for any patient with fungal nails and for patients who have discolored and misshapen toenails as a result of trauma.

The new product is a topical called Tolcylen. 

How Does Tolcylen Work?

One of its main ingredients is tolnaftate, an anti-fungal we've known about for many years. Up until now, it hasn't worked that well for patients because of the way it was delivered. In the past, tolnaftate was mixed with oil which couldn't easily reach the fungus under the nail. In Tolcylen, the tolnaftate is mixed with alcohol creating low surface tension. This allows the product to penetrate underneath the nail where the infection lives.

Tolcylen also contains cosmetic agents that actually improve the appearance of your nails as your nail heals and grows out normally.

Watch the video to see how Tolcylen penetrates the nail bed.


How Well Does It Work?

Ninety (90) percent of patients express satisfaction with their treatment at 3 months. I really love this statistic. I've never seen a topical work this well on fungal nails.

What Does Tolcylen Cost?

Tolcylen is very affordable. 

How to Apply Tolcylen


How We Use This Treatment With Laser To Treat Fungal Toenails

Because tolcylen works to well, we switched all of our laser treatments patients to it as well. Learn more about our comprehensive laser treatment program here.

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