The American Diabetes Association now recommends that patients have at least one Comprehensive Diabetic Foot Exam per year to identify high-risk foot conditions often prevalent in patients with diabetes.

The CDFE is a comprehensive, visually compelling exam that was developed to identify, monitor, and thus prevent complications to your feet. The PressureStat® portion of your exam - in which we take pressure readings of your feet, will allow you to see and discuss any at-risk conditions and offending pressure points that may be evident.

The CDFE includes a review of your nerve supply, blood supply, skin & nails, and foot structure systems. The results of your CDFE will be the basis of the necessary preventative care recommendations for you to take in order to avoid health-threatening complications related to your diabetes.

The CDFE also assesses whether you qualify to receive appropriate offloading and care solutions with therapeutic shoes provided through Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Program. Please come to your appointment with shoes and insoles that you typically use so we can see how well they are fitting and if they are wearing properly.

Together, we will continue to help you avoid foot ulceration, infection, and even the very real possibility of amputation. Regularly scheduled evaluations of your feet and wearing appropriate shoes and inserts, combined with your daily home inspection of your feet, will always be the keys to avoiding serious foot complications.

If you have diabetes and have not done so already, it is important for you to contact our office to schedule a Comprehensive Diabetic Foot Exam at your earliest convenience.

Call 206-368-7000 or email for an Appointment Request. This evaluation will not take more than 15 minutes and will assess if there are any changes in the feeling, circulation, or pressure on the bottoms of your feet.