Yes. Playing sports can easily lead to injuries of the little toe. Some of the injuries are acute (happen in the moment from a fall, twist, or blow) while others are chronic (develop slowly over time from overuse).

Acute little toe injuries

Acute little toe injuries are more likely to occur in team sports with a high level of interaction and intensity such as football, soccer, rugby, and basketball. However, sports like tennis, pickleball, and running can also lead to these types of injuries.

Common acute little toe injuries:

  • Broken or fractured pinky toe
  • Dislocated pinky toe
  • Stress fracture

Chronic little toe injuries

Common chronic little toe injuries are those that occur over time in sports such as rock climbing and soccer or other sports where wearing tight shoes is common. The toenails are most often affected.

Common conditions of the little toe toenail:

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