A week ago Mayor Ed Murray announced he would be putting a new tax on sugary drinks such as soda, Gatorade, bottled Frappuccinos and others to stem the obesity epidemic and fund education programs. Other cities have already put a tax on sugary drinks and most have reported a drop in sales. Although these results are encouraging it's tough to say whether a decrease in drinking sugary drinks alone will be enough to decrease the rate of obesity and diabetes in Seattle and other cities.

According to the CDC website, there is no single or simple solution to the obesity epidemic. It's a complex problem needing a multifaceted approach. And certainly diabetes has other risk factors such as inactivity, where fat is stored in the body (i.e. it's worse if stored in the belly rather than the hips), family history, and race.

For those who already have diabetes it's very important to be seen by a podiatrist on an annual basis to receive a Comprehensive Diabetic Foot Exam. Diabetes can cause decreased feeling in the feet, poor circulation and a reduced capacity to heal. All of these factors can lead to limb and life threatening ulcers if these ulcers are not caught quickly and treated appropriately.

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