plastic shoesYou may be wondering about the plastic shoes that Rhianna, Kim Kardashian, and Kendall Jenner are sporting these days. They sure look trendy. But are they OK for your feet?

It all depends.

It's one thing if you want to don some Crocs which have holes in them and are breathable. But the kind of plastic shoes I'm talking about are the ones that look like they just left a steam room. Witness like the ones you see in the photo.

Here are 5 foot problems that can bubble up from wearing enclosed plastic shoes:


Wearing plastic shoes can leave you with some pretty awful blisters. I already tell my patients to wear socks that wick away moisture particularly if their physically active. With no socks and feet encased in a terrarium blisters are inevitable. And I'm not talking about one blister on the back of your heel, but wherever those shoes rub on your toes and feet.

Fungal Toenails

Anyone wearing closed-toed shoes (pretty much all of us) is already at some risk for fungal toenails. Fungus loves a moist environment to grow. But walking around with your feet in a humidifier will only make the fungus happier and more likely to thrive. In addition, if those plastic shoes are tight and pointy your toenails are more likely to lift letting the critters under your nail bed where they'll set up shop.

Hot Foot

I'm not referring to walking on coals, but an allergic reaction to plastic that can feel like your feet are on fire. This reaction is called contact dermatitis.

Tripping and Falling

Plastic shoes can also be very rigid, putting you at greater risk for tripping and falling.

Foot Pain

Plastic shoes with plastic soles have absolutely no ability to absorb shock. If you have any foot problems they're likely to be magnified in this type of shoe.

If you want to be trendy and wear these shoes on occasion that's fine. Don't walk very far in them and make sure to buy them in the afternoon when feet are the most swollen. You wouldn't want your feet to feel like they're in a straitjacket later on. Of course wearing socks that wick away moisture, like these socks from Saucony, would also be best.

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