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Poor Stephen Strasburg. First this All Star pitcher of the Washington Nationals couldn't start against the Mets in early March because he had an ingrown toenail. Then adding insult to injury he sprained his ankle a couple of weeks later during warm-ups which prevented him from pitching against the Tigers. Although playing baseball doesn't cause the kind of injuries seen in football, it's still important to ensure that you and your child have the necessary information to help prevent foot and ankle problems in this all American sport.

Although I have no idea how Stephen Strasburg developed an ingrown toenail, there are a few factors that make this condition preventable.

  • Cut toenails straight across - many people tend to cut their toenails on the edges to round them out. This can be a big problem as it is one of the main reasons why people develop ingrown toenails.

  • Get your feet measured - we always measure our kids feet when it's time for new shoes, but did you know that our feet get bigger as we age. Shoes that are too tight or too short can also be a culprit in developing ingrown toenails.

  • Check the field for bumps or divots ahead of time - any uneven surface can lead to trauma and injury including ingrown toenails and twisted ankles.

If you do develop an ingrown toenail you'll likely be in a lot of pain and want it taken care of as soon as possible. As a Seattle podiatrist I'm here to tell you that putting you out of pain from this condition can be done in my office during one visit.

Don't wait to feel better. Call us at the Foot and Ankle Center of Lake City at 206-368-7000 or request an appointment online. Same day appointments are often available.

By Rion A. Berg, DPM
October 16, 2012
Category: foot care
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Shortstop Derek Jeter is down with an ankle fracture. He is likely out for at least 3 months. Fractures are never good news whether we are talking about playing sports or walking down the steep hills of Seattle.

The most common ankle injury involves a sharp twist of the ankle or a direct impact that can break at least one (or more) of the ankle bones.

Symptoms of a fracture can be:

  • Pain, swelling, tenderness and bruising at the ankle joint
  • Limited range of motion in the ankle joint
  • Inability to bear weight
  • The lower part of the leg may be deformed

An x-ray is the only way to rule out a fracture. Don't try to guess! Call our office at 206.368.7000 if you are in pain and have any of the symptoms listed above. Even if you don't have these symptoms, call us any way. We can put your mind at ease and help reduce your pain level.

A fractured ankle is usually treated with casting (done in our office) to prevent movement while healing takes place. There are times when surgical stabilization is necessary, as in the case of more severe fractures.

Our website offers more information on baseball injuries. Take a look...and take care.

Rion A. Berg, DPM
Board Certified Foot Surgeon


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