Randy Jackson is a producer, entrepreneur, television personality and judge on American Idol. He also has Type 2 Diabetes.

His new campaign, Take Diabetes to Heart is designed to
“help people living with Type 2 diabetes ‘get in tune’ with the disease and to ‘drum up’ awareness of serious complications, including heart disease.”

Jackson, 56, was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes 9 years ago. He originally thought he just had the flu, feeling “tired, lethargic, and thirsty all the time.”  By the time he actually sought medical attention, his blood sugar was five times normal!

After the initial shock wore off, Jackson worked with his physician and through weight loss (over 100 pounds, with the help of gastric bypass surgery), changes in his diet and exercise, his Diabetes is in much better control.

In this blog we have written often about Diabetes, how to reduce the risk, best practices if you have it and how to take care of your feet. And we’ll keep running articles about Diabetes for you so you always have current information for yourself and for those you care about.

Take care, and be sure to forward this article to people in your life with who have Diabetes or are at risk for Diabetes.

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