feet peeking out from under the coversOK. Let’s face it. Guys just don’t care as much about hygiene as you do, particularly when it comes to their feet. They don’t care if their toenails are too long or if they have toenail fungus.

But you care and you're totally frustrated. Even though you tell him his toenails are a turn off, he still refuses to see a doctor.

One thing is for certain, men hate being in pain and they care deeply about their families. Here is some sure fire ammo to get them to think twice about leaving their fungal toenails alone.

Fungal Nails Get Nastier and Cause Pain Over Time

Fungal nails usually don’t just sit there without changing. Just like any good fungus they replicate and grow legs or hyphae. Imagine a root system on a plant spreading out—well fungus does the same thing on your nails. The only way you’re going to stop them in their tracks is by treating them. And the sooner you treat them, the less likely they’ll get thick and cause pain.

Toenail Fungus Can Spread to Family Members

So he might not care about how they look, but he probably cares a lot about passing it on to you and the kids. Until you can convince him, here are some stopgap measures that can help it from spreading.

  • keep his toenail clippers segregated from everyone else’s and/or sterilize them every time he uses them with alcohol
  • wash his socks every time he wears them
  • don't allow anyone else to play around or wear his shoes

Diabetics With Toenail Fungus Are More Likely to Need a Toe Amputation

If your husband has diabetes and toenail fungus, this is a really bad combination. When compared to diabetics without toenail fungus, diabetics who do have it have are 3 times more likely to form ulcers which lead to amputations. If this doesn't scare him into doing something about his toenails, I don't know what will.

If after reading this blog you want to learn more, check out our Seattle Fungal Toenail Center for the latest information on laser treatment of fungal toenails.

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