It's often a Catch-22 for patients with diabetes to lose weight through exercise. Although endocrinologists recommend both diet and exercise to their diabetic patients, many people with diabetes have problems with their feet.

If you have diabetes, you may have experienced this. If you're not already seeing a Seattle podiatrist, it's important to start. Podiatrists specialize in getting your feet fit enough so that you can put exercise back on your to-do list.

How do podiatrists help keep your feet fit?


One of the most important ways to lessen foot pain and get you moving is to get proper shoes. Tennis shoes with good support (video) and a wide toe box may work well for you if you have well controlled diabetes and mild foot problems.

Joslin Diabetes Center also recommends the following when buying shoes:

  • soft, stretchable leather
  • laced shoes over loafers for more support
  • a cushioned sole instead of a thin leather sole
  • shop later in the day
  • build up shoe wear gradually and check feet to ensure you have no cuts or blisters

For patients with neuropathy, burning, and more pain, special diabetic shoes may be needed. Podiatrists typically conduct a Comprehensive Diabetic Foot Exam annually to determine if these special shoes are needed. Diabetic shoes redistribute pressure on your foot and prevent ulcers and calluses from developing.

Managing Foot Abnormalities

Foot abnormalities such as bunions and hammertoes can cause pressure points, pain, and can put a diabetic at greater risk for ulcers. Podiatrists work with patients to relieve that pressure often using pads and prescriptive orthotics.

Educating Patients to Prevent Foot Complications From Developing

As a person with diabetes, it's important that you inspect your feet on a daily basis and follow other tips to ensure that you don't develop other foot complications.

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