Pop star Cher, 67, of the dynamic duo “Sonny and Cher” is finally going to have foot surgery after suffering for 16 years from an old injury. On her Twitter feed she told fans that she’s been in pain ever since a piece of equipment fell off of a wall and crushed her foot. Instead of taking good care of herself she only wore a cast for 2 weeks. Good for you Cher for finally admitting this publically!

She still wore her stiletto heels in a recent episode of Dancing with the Stars where she was a guest judge but that will be the last time. She won’t wear them again until just before Christmas as she heals from the surgery. She recently tweeted, “LAST NITE, WAS LAST NITE 2 WEAR HEELS TILL AFTER OPERATION...SOOO...I BIT THE BULLET..&..WORE THEM! HEAVEN & pain, But WORTH IT... 6 wks (weeks) till I'm running around on STILETTOS!” Untweet. As a foot doctor, I tell all my women patients to avoid high heels since they can cause many foot problems down the road even without a simultaneous foot injury to deal with.

If you’ve been putting up with foot pain for a long time, don’t be like Cher. As a Seattle podiatrist, I’ve seen patients like Cher who went too long with problematic feet and suffered the consequences. Whether you have heel pain that won’t resolve, bunions that keep getting worse, or an old injury, please don’t wait to see a podiatrist. I’ve been treating patients with all of these problems for over 30 years and would be happy to help you. Often if you come in as soon as the pain starts, I can help you put off or even prevent surgery. At the Foot and Ankle Center of Lake City our philosophy is to treat conservatively and leave surgery as a last resort.

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