As spring heats up it's pretty apparent this Seattle summer could rival last years in the number of hot and sunny days  we could get.

As a Seattle podiatrist specializing in diabetic foot care, I want to make sure you know exactly what to do to keep your feet safe this as the temperature rises. After all, you don't want to come and see me more then you have to.

Don't Go Barefoot

Like most people, you may be tempted to go barefoot this summer because it feels so great. But--don't even think about it.

Very likely you have neuropathy that reduces sensation in the feet. Even small cuts and abrasions you can't feel can set you up for an infection. Infections can lead to ulcers which are often very difficult to treat and can lead to amputation.

Choose the Right Shoes

Although closed-toed shoes are still the best choice as they excel in keeping your feet protected and supported--other good choices are CrocsRx and Vionic Unisex Wave Toe Post Sandal.

Take Care of Sweaty Feet

As the weather heats up its inevitable that those prone to sweaty feet will sweat even more. And that's particular bad for people with diabetes--excess moisture is a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus.

Make sure you change your socks frequently, wear socks such as Dr. Comfort that regulate foot temperature, and rotate your shoes to let them dry out.

Keep Your Shoes Free of Fungus

Diabetics are more prone to getting toenail fungus and toenail fungus can increase risk of diabetic ulcers. To help prevent your shoes from contributing to this problem I recommend using SteriShoe+ Ultraviolet Shoe Sanitizer.

Apply Sunscreen to Your Feet

Your feet are often the last place you think about when lathering on sunscreen. But did you know that melanoma--the cancer with the highest death rate--is the most common cancer found on feet? Be sure to apply it to both the tops and bottoms of your dogs when you plan to expose your toes.

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