physically active womenAt the Foot and Ankle Center of Lake City we've been taking care of people like you for over 30 years. Learn about how we treat the following foot and ankle conditions:

Verified Yelp Review - I have been seeing Dr Berg for the last 10 years.  First because I had plantar fasciitis.  He made orthotics that cured it over the next few years. Recently I came back because my big toe was loosing mobility and was painful.  I am now 2 1/2 months post op and I have more mobility than I have had in years. I am very happy.  Dr Berg is the best. - Elizabeth B.

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We also have several books to help you learn more about your foot health:

To learn more about treating foot and ankle conditions, download our eBook, "No More Foot Pain: A Guide to Understanding the Causes and Treatment of Foot and Ankle Pain."







If you're a runner with heel pain, learn what you can do to prevent and treat it by downloading our eBook, "The Complete Guide to Stopping Heel Pain in Runners"







If you've been unable to get rid of heel pain or plantar fasciitis, download our book "Stop Living With Stubborn Heel Pain."