painful shoesDid you know that more than half of us suffer from foot problems because of the shoes we wear? According to a recent study from the Institute for Preventive Foot Health, wearing the wrong shoes can lead to lifelong foot deformities. Squishing your feet into narrow or pointy-toed shoes can make your feet look good on the outside but eventually, your bare feet will look like a horror show and you’ll also experience a heap of pain.

Here are three things to avoid when shopping for shoes in the New Year.

The Wrong Shoe Size

About 1/3 of us are walking around in the wrong size shoes. And not just by a half an inch; some of us are wearing shoes that are up to one and half sizes too big or small.

Solution: Get your feet measured by someone trained to do it properly.

High, High Heels

Although they look good, high heels can be the culprit in the development of bunions, hammertoes, and also a shortened Achilles which can bring on plantar fasciitis a painful foot condition.

Solution: Opt for a lower heel to avoid problems down the line.

Unsupportive Shoes

A lot of women are wearing ballet-like shoes without any support. These shoes may work for you if you’re not doing much walking, but if you are then you’ll need a much more supportive shoe with good stability in the heel and good shock absorption in the midsole. Even fashionable shoes can be supportive. How do you find out?

Solution: Do the Twist Test. Check a potential shoe purchase by grasping the shoe at the heel with your right hand and toe with your left hand and twist it. If it twists easily it won’t be supportive.

There’s no reason to suffer at that New Year’s party tonight. You can go in style and be comfortable at the same time if you follow the tips above.

Keep in mind that if you already have painful feet, this is not normal. Make an appointment with one of our Seattle podiatrists so that you can welcome the New Year with less pain. Call us at 206-368-7000 or request an appointment online.

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