back pain caused by flat feetEven though most of us know that a problem in one part of our body can cause pain in another part often those connections go unrecognized, even by physicians. This is particularly true when it comes to the link between our feet and the rest of our body. While some of my patients who complain of foot pain don't experience it elsewhere in their body, many do identify pain in their back, hips, ankles, and knees. Some people even experience migraines as a result of foot problems! Experts say that 25% of all migraine headaches are caused by issues with posture.

The importance of taking care of our feet can't be overstated when they can have such a great impact on the rest of our bodies and our wellbeing.

You might wonder why our feet can cause so many other body problems.

The biggest reason is faulty foot mechanics. When your foot mechanics aren't correct it throws off your gait and your posture. Our bodies are like a chain, with one link—or bone—connecting at the joint to another link. Think about what would happen if the first link in the chain was out of position. The point at which it meets the next link would eventually overstress that link and adversely affect the entire chain.

Flat feet are the most frequent type of faulty foot mechanics I see when it comes to pain in other parts of the body. People with flat feet pronate, or roll their feet in, with every step they take.

Assessing Your Feet

foot printsIf you're wondering whether your feet could be causing your low back pain or headaches, you can start by learning whether you have flat feet. To determine your foot type, wet the sole of your foot. Step onto a blank piece of paper or a shopping bag. Step off the paper or shopping bag to examine the shape of your footprint and compare it to the photo on the right.

When you visit my office, I'll also assess your gait by watching you walk to determine your level of pronation.


Fortunately custom orthotics can make a huge difference for people with flat feet and body pain. At our office we'll take a 3D image of your foot with a computerized scanner. These images will be used to make orthotics with the highest level of support for your feet. The orthotics will correct the position of your foot so you can walk normally, correcting your posture and eliminating your body pain.

Custom orthotics can also be adjusted for the highest level of comfort for your feet.

Call us today at 206-368-7000 for an appointment. Often same day for emergencies and less than 2 weeks for chronic foot pain. You can also request an appointment online.

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