Cracking of the heels can be very painful and is caused by dry skin and lack of support around the heel.

If you have dry skin, this can certainly lead to cracking of the skin. This will be aggravated by frequent wearing of open-backed shoes or sandals. The skin needs the support of a well fitted heel of the shoe to avoid cracking.

Treatment must include:

  1. Reducing the callus formation around the heels with a pumice stone or professional treatment.
  2. Intensive moisturizing with creams formulated well for the foot. ( See our online store or contact our office to purchase Gormel Cream, Vitaderm, Hydrisinol Crème ) Twice a day application with covering at night with an occlusive wrap such as Saran wrap may be necessary.
  3. At least temporarily, wearing closed backed shoes.
  4. If the build up of callus tissue is more than you can remove with a pumice stone, see your podiatrist for treatment.

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