It's a sad state of affairs when a search engine knows more about what shoes you like than Santa. According to a new infographic by Google they've figured out who's searching for what type of shoes and where.

I guess this shouldn't be too surprising. After all so many people are buying shoes online these days that the cloud is just bursting with information about our likes and dislikes.

Although they didn't zero in on Seattle, they mentioned Newport, OR as being hot on duck boots. But we could have guessed that without looking at an infographic. Of course duck boots are going to be more popular in places that are wetter, like Seattle.

But what Google can't tell you (at least not yet) are the type of shoes that are right for your feet. Even if you "google" best shoes for bunions you might get to a website that can help out, but more than likely you're going to find a whole host of websites that just want to sell you shoes and don't really care about your feet.

The one exception we've found is a site called Barking Dog Shoes. The owner does a pretty good job in identifying shoes for people with specific foot problems and takes suggestions from those who have used her site. Specific shoes stores with great reputations such as Nordstrom, Sole Perfection, and Super Jock 'N Jill in Seattle and the surrounding cities and suburbs have well trained salespeople that can guide you into find the best shoe for your type of foot and foot problem.

Having foot pain and not sure why? Although new shoes that are right for you can be one part of the solution, be sure to have your feet evaluated by Seattle podiatrist, Dr. Rion Berg. He can evaluate your foot problem and work with you to come up with the best plan for your feet.

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