When you’re young and pregnant with summer approaching, you may not be feeling very royal, even if you are Kate Middleton. Pregnancy can take its toll on your legs and feet by swelling, particularly when it’s hot outside.

What can you do hold down the swelling so you can be happier mother to be?

The answer is very simple. Use support stockings of proper compression. Despite the chore of getting these on, they are necessary to prevent unsightly varicose veins and damage to the valves in your deeper veins. 

Your feet may crave open flip flops, however, with hormonal changes and weight gain comes loosening foot ligaments. If you don’t have proper foot support, you’re putting yourself at greater risk for a flattening arch and plantar fasciitis.

If you can’t tolerate your athletic shoes, it’s important to wear supportive sandals such as Naot, Chacos, or Birkenstocks. Luckily, we’re in Seattle without the dictates of royal attire. Your feet should be able to get through your pregnancy with comfort, keeping with a Northwest style. Maybe Kate should spend her summer in Seattle instead of insisting on wearing high heels, even when she shouldn’t.

P.S. As of this date we don’t know if Kate is still wearing high heels as she was earlier in her pregnancy.

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