What? I just read that women who attended the Cannes Film Festival red carpet screening were turned away for not showing up in star studded high heels. This is just ridiculous. Apparently some women who showed up in fancy flats were told they weren't following the dress code, even though the code didn't mention obligatory high heels. And some of these women had foot problems.

The good thing is that the festival is catching flack for not admitting these women. I see this as a small victory for women everywhere, particularly if this forces the festival to change their policy.

High heels are notoriously bad particularly if they are part of your daily fare. You are most at risk for developing bunions and hammertoes as a result of high heels as they place constant, unnatural pressure on the front of your foot. Also, pointy shoes squeeze your toes setting you up for other problems such as ingrown toenails and toenail fungus.

As a Seattle podiatrist I know you're still going to wear high heels occasionally, no matter what I say. But in the hours you wear something else, I recommend a shoe of 1 inch or less with a wider toebox.

Flat shoes can actually be a problem for constant high heel wearers. High heels cause calf muscles to shorten. Going straight to flat shoes from heels can stretch out the muscle causing tears in the heel resulting in plantar fasciitis. I see this frequently in the spring and summer when women break out their flatter shoes.

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