Would you do anything to prevent foot problems in your little girl? Does your daughter love her Barbie? Answered yes to both of these questions?

I have great news for you. Barbie has entered a new age.

Over the years Barbie has gone from a white, blonde, homemaker bound girl with stiff, high heeled shaped feet to a Barbie that now represents the United Nations and has multiple career choices. But the best news from this Seattle podiatrist's perspective is that her recent foot makeover has changed her stiff, high heeled shape foot to one that articulates and can slide just as easily into a flatter sandal as a stilletto.

No longer will Barbie influence your little girl to follow the latest fashionistas such as Taylor Swift and Katie Perry, but she wlll give her permission to strike out on her own and wear shoes that can prevent bunions and other foot problems brought on by high heel wear.

Believe me, I'm under no illusion that one doll can switch fashion perspectives but at least it's a step in the right direction.

High heels can cause tremendous damage to our delicate tootsies, especially over time. Although high heels don't actually cause bunions, any tight shoe that crowds the toes can cause bunions to progress. Although bunions aren't inherited if your mother has them, you and your daughter very likely inherited her foot type; placing both of you at higher risk for getting them.

If you're concerned after hearing this, here are some things to do and discuss with your daughter to reduce bunion risk.

  • Limit your own high heel use; this will be the best role modelling you can do for your daughter
  • Talk to her about general good health habits and include a discussion about the importance of choosing footwear wisely
  • Have a daughter 12 or older? Ask your mother to show and talk about her bunion problems so your daughter knows what the future may hold.

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