Hilaria Baldwin, wife of Alec Baldwin, is in the spotlight sporting high heels and lifting weights while pregnant. As a Seattle podiatrist I just can't let this one go, so this is my message to Hilaria.  Although you might think showing off your prowess is a good thing, it can be quite damaging to pregnant young women who may follow your footsteps. First, wearing high heels are big "no no" for women who are pregnant. And adding weights to the mix will only make things worse.

Although exercising during pregnancy is important, it's helpful to your body to take things down a notch instead of proving you can do as much or more than you did before you got pregnant. Yoga, walking, and swimming are all great exercises to keep you fit. It's important to check with your OB-GYN to make sure your body can handle the exercise you plan to do.

Pregnancy not only adds weight to your frame but changes your entire center of gravity. Common symptoms during pregnancy are swollen feet, back pain, and compromised balance. The last thing you want to do is add more problems to your body at a time when you should be more cautious.

As a Seattle podiatrist, I tell my pregnant patients that their feet need more support during pregnancy to help diminish back pain and problems with balance. High heels can cause or exacerbate the following problems:

  • Calf cramps - wearing heels shortens and tightens your calf muscles leaving them prone to cramps. Changes in your body chemistry during pregnancy can worse calf cramps.
  • Compromised balance - with weight gain and changes to your center of gravity, you're more likely to have compromised balance. Wearing heels will only make things worse and increase your risk of falling.
  • Loose ligaments - hormonal changes loosen ligaments to make it easier for you to deliver your baby. Looser foot ligaments require more foot support to help prevent heel pain and the other conditions high heels already cause such as worsening bunions and neuromas.
  • Swelling - many women experience swollen feet during pregnancy; putting swollen feet in high heel with a point toe can be quite painful an should be avoided.

Instead of heels, wear shoes of 1 inch height or less and make sure you have enough room in the front so your toes aren't cramped.

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