Spring is here and before you know it you'll be slipping on your sandals and flip flops. Off you'll go to grab the latest shades of nail polish or perhaps to a nail salon to get your toenails looking their very best.

If slapping on nail polish and cutting your toenails were the only things you needed to do to keep your toenails looking great, life would be easy.

But unfortunately it's not. You may be one of those people who are at risk for getting toenail fungus because it tends to run in families. And the last thing you want is a case of onychomycosis, the medical name for toenail fungus.

Fortunately there are things you can do to avoid getting it altogether but it's going to take more than a bottle of nail polish.

  • Wear flip flips poolside and in gym locker rooms. Both of these places are a hotbed of bacteria and fungus so keeping your feet off the floor is very important.

  • Wear shoes that fit. If your toes are hitting the tops of your shoes you need buy a pair that doesn't. Your toenails protect your body from allowing any bacteria or fungus in. But when they are compromised fungus can get into your system, a perfect scenario for toenail fungus. Be sure you get your feet measured when you buy a new pair of shoes.

  • Keep your toenails short. Letting your toenails get too long will effectively cause the same problem as having shoes that are too short.

  • Keep your feet dry. If you tend to sweat a lot or you're very active your feet are going to get damp. Fungus loves a damp environment. Make sure you avoid cotton socks and instead buy socks that will wick away moisture. In addition, you can rotate your shoes on a daily basis to dry them out or purchase a UV light shoe sanitizer which will destroy 99% of all germs in your shoes.

  • Avoid nail salons that look sketchy. You might love to go to the nail salon to get your nails done, but if they aren't properly sterilizing their equipment or footbaths than skip it.

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